a world where time is not allowed;
University student. Daft Punk enthusiast. Posts robots among other things. Beep Boop Beep.

“Cheers! Daft Punk raise a glass to global domination.”

"Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo: [Yawning, texting on his mobile phone, generally ignoring the fact that he's being interviewed]....[disinterestedly walking over to a nearby trolley, picking up a sandwich and taking a bite out of it]"

"The universe cracks. A volcanic rumble booms from a corner of infinity and explodes in a flare of magnetic light. Guy-Manuel… SPEAKS.... And the black hole, one more time, closes in, sucking him into oblivion."

"Guy-Man, meanwhile, says precisely nothing for the first half-hour, preferring to sip his espresso, text, stare at the ceiling and generally pretend that I’m not there, his face naturally arranging itself into a weary scowl."

"All the while, Guy-Manuel stares into deep space, burning holes in the wall with his fierce glare. Intense? To the power of several thousand."

“Jérémie.1m88,brun,mystérieux, très beau.”

gif meme: martha jones + my emotions (requested by anonymous)


But, french fast food sell baguette? 


But, french fast food sell baguette? 


I’m a nerd. But these two may be even nerdier than me, so that’s okay